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Re: [eclipselink-dev] fix for bug 341940

I think it would be better to think about the Query Hint as having 3 states, undefined, true, false.  We have this pattern for other Query specific session overrides.  If it is undefined check the PU.  If it is false do not allow native queries (potentially useful to prevent execution of named native queries), if true allow native SQL queries.

Guy Pelletier wrote:
The only reason I thought it would be weird to name it the same, that is, "eclipselink.jdbc.allow-native-sql-queries" is because though query hints it would default to false and 'may' confuse users. But I guess, with good documentation on the hint (indicating that the query hint does not apply outside of a global persistence unit setting) that could alleviate any such confusion.

I'm ok with naming them the same.


On 16/06/2011 10:00 AM, douglas clarke wrote:

I believe 'eclipselink.jdbc.bypass-disallowed-native-sql-queries' is a bit of a mouthful for a query hint.

I am wondering if it makes sense to use the same string for both the PU property and the hint. The hint being set to TRUE would allow a native query.


On 15/06/2011 10:21 AM, Guy Pelletier wrote:
A patch file for bug 341940 is now available for review.

Description: Add disable/enable allowing native queries

Please review and provide any feedback. Of importance is the naming of two new properties. If you have strong opinions and suggestions for named properties in general, you should review this bug.

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