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[eclipselink-dev] SVN commit: Bug#297971, 334353, 346527 - metamodel with Set

SVN commit: Bug#297971, 334353, 346527 - metamodel with Set




Code review: Guy, pending



- Changed mappings to persist non-instantiated relationships when persisting a new object (occurs when migrating data)

- Changed build script to generate the metamodel for the metamodel test model

- Removed Sybase from JPA stored procedure tests, as has special requirements for out parameters.

- Changed metamodel tests to test Set and ArrayList

- Added Set test to metamodel tests, TODO commented large number of metamodel tests that currently do not test anything.

- Changed MetadataMirrorFactory to process non round classes (classes not being compiled), allows processing of references to other classes and correctly processing of Lists.

- Only log metamodel output on finest log level

- Fixed MappingAccessor to use a ListContainerPolicy for EAGER List relationships instead of Collection (LAZY used List,EAGER did not)

- Fixed ManagedTypeImpl in metamodel to use Set for any Set subclass, and List for any List subclass.



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