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[eclipselink-dev] bug 340329 - table creation prefix

Hi Chris, others,


we got the requirement to allow overriding the CREATE TABLE keywords in DDL in a table-specific way to leverage special database features. Xu has proposed to introduce a creation-prefix attribute to the table-mappings of eclipselink-orm.xml - analogously to Please find attached a revised proposal including test for this enhancement.


I you are OK with this feature, I would go ahead and check it in.






Alternatively, I could consider to specify additional requirements on the DDL using @Properties/@Property annotations. Then, one could add  hese properties to the TableDefinition, redirect rendering of CREATE TABLE statements to the DatabasePlatform and render the statement in a database-vendor specific way according to the properties recognized by the vendor.






@Property(“mysql.jdbc.engine”, “InnoDB”)


Public class MyEntity


This, however, would obsolete the creation-suffix just introduced in 2.2 ;-).




Adrian Görler

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