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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Multi-tenant using shared schema doc


Looking at the example:
  type = SINGLE_TABLE,
  tenantDiscriminators = @TenantDiscriminator(name=“tenant-id”, columnName=“TENANT_ID”)

I am not sure I like the discriminators being within the @Multitenant annotation. It implies that all strategies will have a TennatDiscriminator with the same structure.

The idea was to mimic the inheritance which is configured like:

@DiscriminatorColumn(name="DISC", discriminatorType=STRING,length=20)

So, I was thinking we could do something like:

@TenantDiscriminatorColumn(name="COMPANY", discriminatorType=STRING,length=20, property="company-id")

This sets us up for handling multitenancy where each tenant's rows for a given entity arte stored in different tables identified with different names or schema.



On 14/03/2011 3:51 PM, Guy Pelletier wrote:
I've gone through another round of updating the multi-tenancy doc.

It is still a work in progress, however I think we are getting closer. Please review and provide any feedback.


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