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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Multi-tenant using shared schema doc

Hi Guy,

-Section "Property configuration"
 I am assuming here that we will also support "Shared EMF" (Single instance of EMF shared across tenants) programming model.  This is with
 JavaEE environment in mind where EMF is manged and the programming model assumes single instance of EMF per app.
 With that in mind, we should add one more mechanism to extract the current tenant id from context.  One possible mechanism can be
 a callback registered at Session level. The container can register the hook at EMF creation time which EclipseLink
 can call into to extract tenant id.

-PK generation
  For complete transparency across tenants, it would be nice to provide a mechanism that allows generated ID to be contiguous for a given tenant
  One mechanism I can think of is to extend TableSequence to include tenant id.

Can you also please add some more details about how second level cache will be partitioned.


On 2/17/2011 8:49 AM, Guy Pelletier wrote:

This document provides a first cut outline to our multi-tenant using a shared schema solution aimed for the 2.3 release.

Please review and provide any feedback.


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