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[eclipselink-dev] Resend: Transaction Merged: 336179 - Fix circular dependency between core/builder

336179: Fix circular dependency between core/builder by removing split packages for "xsd" in bundles:
- Copy xsd files to o.e.p.<component> in resource dir of bundles.
  - o.e.p (core)
  - o.e.p.jpa (copy jpa xsd from core to this loc in jpa)
  - o.e.p.jaxb (moxy)
  - o.e.p.dbws
- move XSDs to o.e.p.<component> in bundles and eclipselink.jar (bnd and build changes)
- alter effected code (6 java files: 2 core, 1 jpa, 3 moxy.test)
- update bnd and build files
- add missing manifest for dbws.builder project
Transaction passed Tom's review, and SRG. LRG passed Edwin's review of 4 errors (4 he believes they are unrelated and recommended merge).

I will be merging an additional transaction that removes the old xsd location from the repository tomorrow (after a successful nightly build).

Unchanged: commonj.sdo still has xsd files in a xsd location. I need to consult with Blaise before considering a change. Since that is the only location, the split xsd package issue has been resolved (At least within the EclipseLink project).

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