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Re: [eclipselink-dev] XSD Circular dependency resolution...

To recap, the current plan under consideration is:

- move core XSDs to org.eclipse.persistence
- move the jpa XSD (eclipselink_orm_2_2.xsd) from core to jpa under org.eclipse.persistence.jpa
- move moxy XSDs to org.eclipse.persistence.jaxb
- move dbws XSDs to org.eclipse.persistence.dbws
- move builder XSDs to   (o.e.p.dbws.builder is not an existent package).

(the fragments and sdo do not have any).

note: all XSDs are currently being packaged under xsd with the exception of the ones currently in org.eclipse.persistence.jpa, so there IS a package splitting issue currently. Which is the reason for the discussion.

Feel free to comment in if you'd prefer, the above is being added to the bug.

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