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[eclipselink-dev] svn commit, trunk, bug#334828 , 334831 - failover, rac, and performance optimizations

svn commit, trunk, bug#334828 , 334831  - failover, rac, and performance optimizations



Adds failover support for connection pools and data-source specific partitioning callback support.

Include several performance optimizations from 2.1 release performance testing.


Code review: Andrei (pending)



- Changed Project clone to return Project type

- Updated test database urls

- Some updates to Java perf tests

- Added persistence unit properties for failover and partitioning callback

- Added containsAttributeInternal for internal fetch group checking to avoid nested parsing

- Moved isolated project check to postInitialize as is no longer computed until end of initialize

- Only init cached foreign keys if protected

- Remove break from reflection optimization loop when hitting first method access

- Added support for partitioning callback to partitioning

- Added ArrayRecord to optimize row access

- Added isValid support as option instead of ping for failover

- Some micro optimizations

- Fixed query and transaction retry support to work with exclusive client sessions and failover

- Optimized uow flush/commit when no changes

- Fixed JPQL query cloning and deferred lock cascading

- Add DataPartitioningCallback interface to support data-source specific partitioning

- Change fetch group to prepare descriptor default in prepare

- Added failover support to connection pools


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