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[eclipselink-dev] Converting DBWS Util to OSGi...


The Dali team is requesting OSGi access to DBWS Util functionality. The work to convert the build is complete but pending.

The plan is:
 - rename the utils/eclipselink.utils.dbws project to utils/org.eclipse.persistence.dbws.builder
 - rename the eclipselink-dbwsutils.jar to org.eclipse.persistence.dbws.builder_<version>.jar
 - the DBWS feature will include the renamed jar (and since the DBWS feature is already included in the "EclipseLink Runtime Components" feature, it will be included there as well).
 - this in turn may add other bundle dependencies (WSDL, servlet, etc - probably as optional dependencies).

Does this cause concerns for anyone? If I hear nothing back I plan on making the change this afternoon, or tomorrow morning.




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