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[eclipselink-dev] SVN commit: Bug#328937 - partitioning support

SVN commit: Bug#328937 - partitioning support






- added batch-fetch example

- added partitioned, and isolated partitioned version of UnitOfWork test model,

uses "virtual rack" (multiple connection pools to the same database)

- added partitioningPolicy to ClassDescriptor

- added null check to FetchGroupManager to avoid null-pointer on failed deploy

- added PartitionPolicy abstract class, defines getConnections API

- added ReplicationPolicy, replicates writes to multiple pools

- added pool reference to Accessor, so it knows where it came from

- added acquire/release connection logging

- added partitioningPolicy to AbstractSession

- changed AbstractSession accessor to Collection accessors (and updated


- changed transaction to work with multiple accessors (2 stage commit)

- changed call execution to work with multiple accessors

- made client sessions (isolated, exclusive) execute calls consistently, added

support for partitioning

- added @Overrides to sessions, some micro

- fixed finally connection release in ReferenceMapping

- changed DatabaseQuery accessor to Colleciton accessors

- changed SessionBroker getAccessor API to use same getAccessor for

partitioning, only a single call, pass query

- added setURL to DatabaseLogin

- changed ClientSession writeAccessor to Map writeAccessors keyed on pool name

- changed ClientSession connection to be lazily assigned

- changed getAccessor on ClientSession to assign a connection if in a

transaction to support backward compatiblity, and internal usage

- changed ServerSession call execution to support partitioning

- added JPA partitioned model

- changed JPA test framework methods to be instances methods and use inherited

getPersistenceUnitName define in test avoid common mistakes in non default unit


- added JPA paritioning test switch using derby "cluster" and round robin and

replication, tests only run on Derby as need to create multiple databases


- added JPA annotations and xml

- made partition policies named

- fixed JPA orm.xml reading to only parse the xml with the correct project/schema, not with all three, so correct error is returned



Code review: Andrei, Guy

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