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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Need help running JPA server tests on glassfish

Hi Sabine,

You should have "" in your, but do you have "server.version=3" in your as well?


On 27/10/2010 7:09 AM, Heider, Sabine wrote:
Hi all!
Is there anyone around who could help me with setting up the JPA server tests on a glassfish v3? I’d like to run them against a MaxDB as another quality check for the new database platform.
I’ve been struggling with these test for quite a while now and it seems I’m still doing something wrong.
I have tried the usual sequence for running server tests:
  1. Copy the file to my user’s home and modify it.
  2. Call ant server-install. Several libraries including eclipselink.jar are copied into the domain1/lib folder
  3. Call ant server-start. Glassfish starts successfully.
  4. Calling ant server-setup fails despite several changes to the glassfish.xml file, so I set up the JDBC resources manually in the glassfish administrator.
  5. Call ant server-test
With this first attempt I ended up with lots of NoSuchMethodError errors, which were apparently caused by an old EclipseLink version that came with the glassfish installation.
I tried both removing the EclipseLink bundles  from the glassfish/modules folder and upgrading them according to this description:
In both cases I ended up with ClassNotFoundExceptions like this one:
ClassNotFoundException: org.eclipse.persistence.testing.tests.jpa.advanced.EntityManagerJUnitTestSuite
Could you give me any hint how to get the tests running?
Thanks for your help and best regards,
Sabine Heider

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