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[eclipselink-dev] [Solution] ManyToManyMergeTest hanging on Windows

FYI for a potential issue:

We had an issue recently where org.eclipse.persistence.testing.tests.distributedcache.ManyToManyMergeTest was consistently hanging for standalone or LRG testing on a Windows box.

The problem was that a virtual 'filtering' network adapter was installed on the box (as part of a Security / Firewall solution no longer in use) and was causing a problem with this test, as it utilizes an RMI Registry binding to localhost on port 41099, along with a couple of clustered sessions communicating on the local loopback.

Running ipconfig /all on Windows allowed us to see the adapters installed, and perform online searches to disable the offending adapter; Disabling it resolved the issue and allowed the test to run correctly as part of the core LRG.

Sending out to eclipselink-dev so that this issue is highlighted among the EclipseLink community and searchable for all.


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