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[eclipselink-dev] Bug fixes 316774 and 325916 checked in

 Bug 316774 - coalesce can not be overwritten by a db-platform

The fix changes coalesce, case, and caseCondition to get their Operator by
lookup instead of creating it each time it is called.  The fix also makes some
changes to the flow in ArgumentListExpressionOperator to allow it to be

Tested manually.  Automated testing coming with implementation of bug 284657.

Reviewed by Chris Delahunt

Bug 325916 - ClassCastException thrown when using FIELD access and entity fields of type long(primitive) have value null in the DB

Checked in fix that includes suggestions in the bug.

Added testNullDouble() to fieldAccess EntityManagerJunityTestSuite

Tested with full JPA LRG - Core LRG not run because change is to a JPA-only

Reviewed by Andrei Ilitchev

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