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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Feedback Requested - JPA RESTful Service (ER-326663)

Hi Blaise,

  Some comments/questions:

- I am kind of surprised how different the URLs for simple PKs and composite PKs are.

i.e. if a composite PK looks like this:


Why isn't a simple PK more like this:



- For queries, how do you distinguish if the URL refers to a query or a find?

i.e. How do you know isn't referring to an entity called "findCustomerByName"?

Is it the fact that I have some reserved words, "singleResult" and "resultList" that come later in the URL?


How is the initial metadata obtained?  How is the session built?


How do you figure out the parameter types for named queries?

Are there core features that need implementation for this to work?



Blaise Doughan wrote:
Hello All,

I am developing a new EclipseLink feature that will expose a JPA EnitityManager as a RESTful (JAX-RS) service. The relevant collateral can be found below. I will send out design review details soon.

*Enhancement Request:*


*Design Document:*




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