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Re: [eclipselink-dev] overwriteing coalesce

Hi Adrian,

I have attached a rough patch to the bug. Hopefully it will allow coalesce to be overridable. The key to the patch is that it looks up the ExpressionOperator for coalesce and then clones it so that it can be altered.

If it works for you we can fully review it and consider including it with your MaxDB check-in. We will likely have to also enter a bug to make the same changes for Case and a couple of other functions.


Goerler, Adrian wrote:
Hi Tom,
_ as mentioned in yesterdays call, we are a bit stuck with this bug. Basically, on MaxDB, we need a mechanism to replace COALESCE(.., .., .., ..) with VALUE(.., .., ..). Overwriting ExpressionOperator./coalesce/() with a platform operator does not do the trick, as it appears that ExpressionOperator./coalesce/() is never used. Instead, COALESCE seems to be hard-wired in Expression. I am not familar enough with the expression framework to make a smooth proposal to tackle this issue. Any help is apreciated. Thanks and best regards, Adrian SAP AG
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