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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Exclude QueryTimeoutTest from Core SRG?

I looked a litter further and I am ok with excluding these tests from the SRG and moving them to the LRG.

'anyone have any objections?




Goerler, Adrian wrote:
Hi Tom,

we were under the impression that it is not allowed to skip tests from the SRG:

"In the case of the Core SRG if it is not possible to pass a test in the platform you are creating, a discussion should be started on the developer mailing list about *excluding the test from the SRG*."

Our interpretation of this sentence was that it is not allowed to skip a test of the Core SRG. If a Core SRG test needs to be skipped on a database either the database does not qualify for "inclusion" or the test should not be part of the Core SRG.

Anyhow, we will skip these test on MaxDB and can decide about excluding the tests from Core SRG later.

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Betreff: Re: [eclipselink-dev] Exclude QueryTimeoutTest from Core SRG?

Hi Sabine,

The requirement is actually that there are no failures in the Core SRG. Skipping a test with committer approval satisfies that requirement. Unless there is a committer who disagrees, adding code to skip the test in MaxDB similar to the Symfoware code is ok.

I am ok with that change. I assume any committer who disagrees with that change will respond to this email today.


Heider, Sabine wrote:
MaxDB's JDBC driver doesn't support the setQueryTimeout method as documented in _bug 326503_ <>. Due to this limitation, the following tests fail: org.eclipse.persistence.testing.tests.queries.QueryTimeoutTest

QueryTimeoutTest is part of the Core SRG test suite, and
according to
the rules for database platform promotion, a platform is
required to
pass Core SRG without failures.
Both tests are skipped for the Symfoware platform where the same limitation applies. I guess, however, that this was done before the rules for database platform promotion have been set up in
this form,
wasn't it? How should we proceed here? Should the QueryTimeoutTest rather be excluded from Core SRG? Thanks for your advice and best regards,
*Sabine Heider

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