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[eclipselink-dev] Status Update: Builds


With the recent ups and downs of the build process due to the build server replacement I think an update is in order:

As most of you are aware the old PPC server died and was replaced with an x86 box.
To my knowledge all functionality has been restored.
Our builds are now running as before (both nightly and cb on

Current build work in progress:
- continue interrupted progress on build changes necessary for generic build user
    - need to split publish away from build and test (generic can build and test, but only a commiter can publish)
    - need to propagate changes to all active branches
- split build and publish away from test and publish
    -  recent build issues have brought to light a flaw in our build process
       (testing must complete before the build is published)
    - QA runs a matrix of tests on different platforms using the built jars, there is no reason
      our main build should not test the same way using MySQL on the build server
 - The CB still needs to be moved to a local server.
    - I'm currently experiencing instability with SVN updates, and need to resolve before can migrate.


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