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[eclipselink-dev] SVN trunk commit: Bug#326343 cache coordination example

SVN trunk commit: Bug#326343 cache coordination example


Code review: Praba  (pending)



- Added cache coordination example (source, ant build files for weblogic cluster, rmi/jms)

- Added CacheCoordinationProtocol constants to config, update cache coordination persistence properties comments in config

- Changed cache coordination (RCM) to not default a server ulr/user/pwd, but allow null (to connect to local server/cluster)

- Added cachecoorindation-cluster test build file to run cache coordination tests in a cluster instead of separate servers

- Added test ant script to automatically create wls cluster and jms topic

- Switched cache coordination tests to use persistence.xml config instead of SessionCustomizer, removed RMI url, pass as system property (or not required in real cluster)

- Fixed cache coordination tests to correctly connect to different servers

- Fixed bug is persistence properties processing for jms (reuse_publisher), jms config was broken since 2.1.


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