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[eclipselink-dev] Moving the CB. WAS:: BUILD STATUS:: trunk cb build failed!


This build failed because the next trunk cb started before this one completed. Specifically SDO test was compiling and eclipselink.jar was missing.

The CBs have 20 minutes to complete before we are doubling our cpu utilization - 40 mins before tripling it. It used to take about 10 -15 mins to complete a cb but over the last month trunk has been having cb build times spanning 26 to 71 minutes.

 If the build takes over an hour, eclipselink.jar can be removed out from under testing by the next scheduled cb for the same branch (if a new transaction is detected) and the build will have spurious test errors. or in this case a compile failure due to the missing jar.

I'm uncertain if the primary issue is a resource one, but it seems likely since I think I'd have heard engineers complaining about hour long SRG runs.

Therefore, I am once again actively working to move the CB to an Oracle local build server. I still have email issues sending external to Oracle though, so plan on sending the CB status messages to the component and project leads only (Doug, Peter, Blaise, Mike N, Tom, Gordon, and James) - they can disseminate failures appropriately until I can fix the email issue.

Let me know if you have concerns with this plan.

On 9/14/2010 2:22 PM, eric.gwin@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Build summary for 2.2.0.v20100914-r8176
Non-critical compilation issues (if any) repoted in
Build log: (/shared/rt/eclipselink/logs/bsb-trunk_cb_100914-1200.log)
Build logs can be found on the download server at:

SVN Changes since Last Build:
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