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[eclipselink-dev] Bug 323880 - "This is already a proxy session" exception on WLS 10.3.3 after explicitly rolling back the user transaction

Checked the patch into both trunk (2.2) and 2.1.2
The bug remains open.

patch with two disabled tests

The core problem is in WLS and it will be fixed in WLS 10.3.4.
The current patch
1) Adds debug output to connection customizer;
2) Adds a check for already opened proxy session - that should work around some
(but not all!) problems: the connection released into poll without clearing its
proxy session will have its old proxy session closed before starting a new one.
That should fix the problem reported by the bug filer (see
3) Added two commented out non-Eclipselink tests: testJtaDataSource and
testNonJtaDataSource that illustrate the core (WLS) problem. The tests should
be uncommented when the core bug is fixed in WLS 10.3.4.

All what's left here is to wait until the core WLS bug is fixed, then uncomment
the tests and close the bug.
The patch also includes change to WebLogicPlatform - it
determines the version of WLS and clears statement cache only if it's required
for proxy session support - which is before WLS 10.3.4.

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