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[eclipselink-dev] Fix for bug 319759

Bug 319759 - ChangedFieldsLockingPolicy fails for update queries resetting a null value to a non-null value

Description: With some OptimisticLockingPolicies configured, executing cached update calls can fail when cached calls are re-executed with non-null values.

Fix: internally set a flag on DatabaseQuery from the various OptimisticLockingPolicy implementations when performing updates, as well as set a flag on the AbstractRecord when a null field value is encountered). The flags then determine whether the update call cache can be used for a particular query and translation row.

Testing: LRG, JPA LRG on Oracle & MySQL
New tests: New model in OptimisticLockingTestModel, several new tests
Reviewed: Gordon Yorke

Fixed in revision: 8130

David Minsky | Senior Member of Technical Staff
Phone: +1 613 2884605
Oracle Oracle Server Technologies Sustaining Engineering
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