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[eclipselink-dev] Pre-meeting Notification: Removal of eclipselink.jar from repository.

Hello all,

Yes, the subject was intentionally inflammatory; I need all parties who have a stake in the existence of checked-in copies of eclipselink.jar and to take notice.

*** This does not effect web-publication or the generation of our build artifacts. The web sites, generated archives, P2 and Maven repos are unaffected. ***

We have recently been given the go-ahead to move to a generic build user to run the nightly and continuous builds on the Eclipse build server. This would allow a more seamless transition in cases were the responsibility for monitoring the builds shifts (I go on vacation). There are several caveats however; The generic user will not have write access to the SVN repository or download site, and will not have signing authority.

Therefore, I'm going to need to shift around how we deal with signing and publishing, and the nightly build will no longer be able to check-in artifacts of the build process. In addition, since the archives (eclipselink.jar and will no longer be kept up-to-date in SVN, I am planning on removing them from the repository to avoid confusion.

This shouldn't be too problematic because they were checked in predominantly as a convenience to QA, who, to my knowledge, have since moved to other methods of retrieving the built jar (from the web, or maven). In addition, we are planning on moving toward a more OSGi-centric means of building and testing in the near future further lessening the jar's import.

I will be consulting with QA before the change is made, but want to make sure all parties are aware of the coming change, so this issue can be discussed at tomorrow's development meeting.

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