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Re: [eclipselink-dev] BUILD STATUS:: 2.1 nightly build failed!


Looks like svn was down last night between 1:05a-3:05a EDT at a minimum. As a result , trunk's build failed attempting to merge the new eclipselink.jar, while both 2.1.1 and 2.0.3 failed accessing SVN to start the build.

While trunk did build, run the LRG, upload the artifacts to the download site, and update maven, it failed before the website was generated. I've manually forced regeneration, but the mirrors will need to detect and then update the file before it is fully available. Also, due to the ordering issues this build brought to light, we do not have a p2 repository generated for the trunk build. I could manually do so, but am not certain that the effort is worth the result - please let me know if you NEED this build available in p2. I'm also entering a bug and reworking the tail end of the build to fully publish before hitting SVN, this should allow for a cleaner failure should SVN be down again. I'll also look into some failure recovery code, but will probably have to deal with that as an enhancement.


eric.gwin@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
Build summary for -----------------------------------
Non-critical compilation issues (if any) repoted in
Build log: (/shared/rt/eclipselink/logs/bsb-2.1_nightly_100713-0105.log)
Build logs can be found on the download server at:

SVN Changes since Last Build:
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