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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Fix for Bug 312947 ready for review

JPAInitializer: why to add an extra parameter to registerTransformer (Map properties)? The only use of the existing parameter puInfo is to print out puName - for FINER logging.
EntityManagerFactoryProvider: both initialEmSetupImpls and initialPuInfos are used only in JavaSE case (not OSGi) - why both their class and initial values are changed? They should not be.
HashMap is used so that get doesn't lock the map - Hashtable's locking get method would cause performance deterioration.
There is no concurrency concerns for initialPuInfos - it's used (if used at all) only once during initialization;
Possible concurrency issues for initialEmSetupImpls resolved by synchronized (EntityManagerFactoryProvider.emSetupImpls) statement in PersistenceProvider (one for put, another for remove).

Initial values should stay null for both maps, too:
neither of the maps is used outside of JavaSE case - no reason to always initialize them.
Even in JavaSE case initialPuInfos only used if the javaagent is used - initializing it application managed case on app. server would mean that changes made to redeployed persistence unit would be ignored.

On 12/07/2010 3:15 PM, Shaun Smith wrote:
Bug 312947 - Allow EclipseLink JPA to work with Gemini in OSGi

Minor adjustments to JPA initialization to work with Gemini JPA.  This revised patch does not remove what seemed to be dead temploader code as James advised is still necessary to support weaving legacy apps using sessions.xml.
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