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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Proposed changes to Dynamic Persistence

Hi Mike,

Some comments on your proposed changes:

  • You have introduced a new policy to handle the initialization of dynamic entities.  Is there a reason why this could not be done with an instantiation policy?
  • You have introduced a property manager.  I know this is to enable different dynamic entity implementations (one for dynamic JAXB/JPA and a second for XR) to manage their properties differently.  Are we sure that we multiple implementations of dynamic entity?  If we don't we could eliminate concepts such as properties manager.

Mike Norman wrote:
In bug 280667 - and its accompanying wiki page - I describe some proposed changes to EclipseLink core
Dynamic Persistence (a patch is attach'd to the bug)

The main change to public behaviour is the semantics of 'isSet' - in order to prepare for future work on
sparse merge, the behaviour of 'isSet' changes to mimic that of SDO (NB - the proposed changes are
not a separate impl of sparse merge - that is being handled elsewhere).

If no one has any objections (the proposal has been thoroughly discussed in a separate email thread
with myself, Blaise, Rick, David and Doug), I intend to check this in by EOB on Friday.

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