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Re: [eclipselink-dev] [IDE TIP] Spaces for tabs within the Eclipse IDE

Better yet, import the official EclipseLink format. trunk/project-admin/EclipseLink-Eclipse-Format.xml

David Minsky wrote:

In the Eclipse IDE (using default settings), if "Insert Spaces for tabs" is selected within the "Text Editors" preference pane, tabs may still be inserted instead of 4 spaces when indenting code. This is because the default code formatter is configured to insert tabs for indented code.

Here are the steps to correct this issue within the IDE:

1) In the Eclipse IDE select the Window > Preferences menu
2) Select Java > Code Style > Formatter
3) Edit the selected profile
4) Set the Profile name to "Eclipse (spaces for tabs)" or whatever you prefer
5) Set the Tab policy to "Spaces only"
6) Ensure that Indentation size is 4 and tab size is 4
7) Click ok in the Formatter window, then ok in the Preferences window

This step needs to be done in every Eclipse workspace.

Hope this is useful to someone battling with tabs in EL source.

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