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[eclipselink-dev] Re: bug 309681

Hi Adrian,

  This page looks like a very good start to me.


Goerler, Adrian wrote:
Hi Michael, Tom,
I have created a wiki page for bug 309681 in order to track WDF test that need to be analyzed: _ The list is not complete yet. The great majority of issues are in the query package, which I have not added yet. So far, I have made all existing bugs related to WDF-test children of bug 309681. But I have not created any new children yet. Unfortunately I have not worked myself through the comments provided by Tom and Michael with respect to bug 309681. I’ll do this in the next days. Should I copy them over to the discussion page? Also, please be aware of the fact that my comments in the “analysis” column are result of a quite quick check. I’ll flesh this out when it comes to a detailed discussion or to opening individual bugs. Do you consider this leading in the right direction? Best regards, Adrian *Adrian Görler

*Pflichtangaben/Mandatory Disclosure Statements: _

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