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[eclipselink-dev] SVN commit trunk: bug#219814 JPQL enhancements

SVN commit trunk: bug#219814 JPQL enhancements


Fixed several of the issues related to unnecessary restrictions put on our JPQL support,


Code review: Andrei



- Allowed _expression_ inheritance view tests to run on all platforms, as it supported now and should work.

- Updated JPQL grammar to remove restrictions,

  - functions and math operators in select and inside functions, aggregate functions, and constructors (select UPPER(e.firstName) from Employee e)

  - select without reference to alias (select 1 from Employee e)

  - functions in order by, booleans in order by (select e from Employee e order by UPPER(e.lastName))

  - functions in group by, having (select e, COUNT(p) FROM Employee e JOIN e.projects p group by e having COUNT(p) >= 2)

  - functions in like, between, in (select e from Employee e where UPPER(e.firstName) like UPPER('b%'))

  - raise syntax error when invalid characters are used (select e from Employee e where !( = 12345))

- JPQL tests for new syntax

- Changed like to be a function instead of relation _expression_, allows avoiding conversion of type to local base

- Some micro

- Allow JPQL ordering by booleans or any basic type

- Auto convert to string in in-memory like conforming

- Convert JPQL select variables to lower case in index (as all other variables)

- Allow usage of alias without reference

- Change constructor queries to find any constructor taking compatible types (instead of exact types)

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