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[eclipselink-dev] Re: bug 309681 - coarsly analyze skipped WDF tests

    I will take a look at the patch.
    For your question about documenting bugs via wiki pages - the following format can be used as a reference (you just replace the bug# to get the wiki for any bug - if it exists for any wiki page attached to your bug).
    The bug wiki can be added to the SVN checkin comments so it appears in FishEye - or you can just put the bug# with a ":" and Fisheye will automatically link to the bug itself.
    You may start, edit and reference the following page in the "URL" field on your bug - I find the wiki format is better for analysis and design than the bug page because you can edit sections.

    Linked from

    thank you

Goerler, Adrian wrote:
Hi Tom, Michael, others,
in the WDF test suite, we are still having a large number (~200) of test, which are skipped with @ToBeInvestigated. These are basically all tests, which would have failed upon the initial check in of the test suite. So far, we have not systematically analyzed these tests and know only very few details.
In order to get a better understanding of these skipped tests, we are currently doing a quick run over the issues to get a rough idea of their causes. Hopefully, this allows us to classify whether an issue is caused by
  • Different interpretation of the JPA spec
  • Exotic test model
  • Bug in EclipseLink
  • Bug in the test
  • Whatsoever
Coming to Ottawa in may, we’d like to take the chance to discuss selected issues with the team.
So far, I am keeping track of the results of the investigation in the bugzilla ticket 309681. I am not sure that this is a good idea as the ticket will get quite lengthy. Maybe a Wikipedia page would be better? Or an Excel? What do you think?
En passant, I have fixed some obvious issues with the test and the framework, which I would like to check in. Please find a patch in the bugzilla ticket.
Tested SE on MySQL and Oracle and EE on JBoss / MySQL.
Could you please have a look?
Adrian Görler

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