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[eclipselink-dev] Changes to EclipseLink MOXy Project Structure


There have been further changes to the EclipseLink MOXy build path, following are instructions for configuring the new setup:

All code for the Dynamic MOXy work { } has been moved into a new project, { org.eclipse.persistence.moxy.dynamic}.  If you do not wish to have the Dynamic MOXy code in your Eclipse workspace then you should not have any problems, just be sure to update your { moxy\org.eclipse.persistence.moxy\.classpath } file.  To include the '.dynamic' project in your workspace some configuration is required:

- Make sure that you have imported the { com.sun.xml.bind v2_2 } project from Orbit.
- Ensure that you have imported the new org.eclipse.persistence.moxy.dynamic project.
- Hit F5 to refresh your { org.eclipse.persistence.moxy } and { org.eclipse.persistence.moxy.dynamic } projects to ensure they are using the updated .classpath
- In Eclipse, right click on the { org.eclipse.persistence.moxy.dynamic } project and choose "Properties" and select "Java Build Path" from the tree
- On the "Libraries" page, you will see a new entry, { ECLIPSELINK_HOME/plugins/ }, you must now define the variable to point to your SVN view
    - NOTE: If you have already configured an ECLIPSELINK_HOME variable (from the last MOXy build path change), then this should already be setup for you.
- Click "Add Variable...", then click "Configure Variables..."
- Click "New..." and create a new variable named ECLIPSELINK_HOME, and point it to the root folder of your SVN view
- Click OK and say Yes to do a full rebuild

If you encounter any problems just let me know.

- Rick

Rick Barkhouse | Software Developer, EclipseLink | 613.288.4613
Oracle Development
45 O'Connor Street, Suite 400 | Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1A4

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