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RE: [eclipselink-dev] EclipseLink "feature" layout for Heliosonward...

We can use my conf call id for this meeting:

Time: Wednesday 14th, 10:00am EST

Meeting id: 9466105
Meeting passwd: 123456
Dial-in numbers:

For anyone in Ottawa, I have booked room 5012 (5th floor by kitchen)

- David

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Ok. I haven't confirmed with Peter, but it appears everyone else who has 
responded can make 10am EST Wednesday (tomorrow), so let's plan for that 
time. Since I don't have a conference ID, I'd like to volunteer Peter's 
(the one we generally use for the EclipseLink Dev call), unless only 
Shaun will be remote.


Eric Gwin wrote:
> Hello,
> I'd like to have a quick discussion of our plans for our "feature" 
> layout for the Helios release and onward. There are several issues 
> that need to be resolved before the M7 freeze. I'm looking at 
> Wednesday (because I understand that is when Doug will be back) at 10. 
> If you are interested in attending but the time doesn't work let me 
> know. The afternoon around 1 should be good as well.
> To give a quick overview of the major issues:
> - we will need to remain compatible with our current scheme (3 
> product, 3 source features) for users of older installs
> - There is a high level request to reduce our offering to a single sdk 
> (can easily be done by adding an sdk feature that depends upon the 
> others). Though there are questions about categorization of older 
> offerings.
> - We have seen some bugs regarding our weaving bundle insinuating 
> itself upon an eclipse install and making all developed projects 
> dependent upon it (it is an OSGi fragment that Equinox will 
> automatically load if it is found). We need to work out a solution, 
> and determine its impact upon the above.
> Any other issues that effect feature packaging will need to be worked 
> out before I can proceed with the composite repository process (Basics 
> are in place, but cannot be merged until the larger picture is 
> understood).
> Thanks.


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