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[eclipselink-dev] EclipseLink "feature" layout for Helios onward...


I'd like to have a quick discussion of our plans for our "feature" layout for the Helios release and onward. There are several issues that need to be resolved before the M7 freeze. I'm looking at Wednesday (because I understand that is when Doug will be back) at 10. If you are interested in attending but the time doesn't work let me know. The afternoon around 1 should be good as well.

To give a quick overview of the major issues:
- we will need to remain compatible with our current scheme (3 product, 3 source features) for users of older installs - There is a high level request to reduce our offering to a single sdk (can easily be done by adding an sdk feature that depends upon the others). Though there are questions about categorization of older offerings. - We have seen some bugs regarding our weaving bundle insinuating itself upon an eclipse install and making all developed projects dependent upon it (it is an OSGi fragment that Equinox will automatically load if it is found). We need to work out a solution, and determine its impact upon the above.

Any other issues that effect feature packaging will need to be worked out before I can proceed with the composite repository process (Basics are in place, but cannot be merged until the larger picture is understood).


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