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[eclipselink-dev] Re: AW: bug 307640

Hi Adrian,

  I am certainly open to other suggestions about everything you discuss below.

This is the first server platform we have that is written by someone from a company other than Oracle.

I agree that the ideal situation is to have a page describing the functionality and the limitations of each of our existing ServerPlatforms and DatabasePlatforms. I am, however, not certain where the work will fit into the current list of priorities. I want to start by having any new platform have a documentation page. So far NetweaverPlatform is the 2nd new platform. (SymfowarePlatform, a DatabasePlatform was the first).

  Any suggestions you have to make things more consistent are welcome.


Goerler, Adrian wrote:
Hi Tom,

Sabine is currently working on the Wiki page on the location proposed by you:

We were a bit puzzled that we did not pages on other server platform under* . Also, "/Development/" confuses me.

On the other hand, we found this page: ,

which seems to describe the other server platforms. Sabine opted to link from the latter to the first.
Looks a bit inconsistent, from my point of view.


Adrian Görler

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Hi Adrian,

The only suggestion I have is to include the link to the wiki page in the class comment for NetweaverPlatform. Other than that, the change look good.


Goerler, Adrian wrote:
Hi Tom,
_ I have prepared a patch to add the NetWeaver server platform to foundation. Could you please have a look? Not yet included in the patch is removing the NetWeaver server platform from the incubator. -Adrian *Adrian Görler

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