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[eclipselink-dev] SVN main commit: Bug#211700 - batch fetch in maps

SVN main commit: Bug#211700 - batch fetch in maps


Added batch fetch support for cursors, pagination, map keys.



- Changed persistence weaved get/set method to have an extra "_" to avoid name conflicts with other persistence weaved methods, added constants.

- Some cleanup of container policies, removed dead code, added @Overrides, improved some comments, fixed data read query adds.

- Fixed batch fetching with cursors

- Fixed batch reading with mapped key

- Made Cursor implement Iterator

- Fixed batch fetching for ReadObject queries

- Fixed execution time in cursors

- Fixed ddl model to not use same table names as core lrg

- Added some values to mapped key relationships test instances

- Added JPA batch fetch tests for cursors, pagination, mapped key, direct map, read object

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