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AW: [eclipselink-dev] Minutes: Committer meeting March 18th

Hi Peter,

are you on DST already? We'll switch to DST on March 28th?


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Betreff: [eclipselink-dev] Minutes: Committer meeting March 18th

== Agenda Mar 18, 2010  ==

[ 11 am EST, Thurs Mar 4, 2009]

== Ad Hoc  ==

== Release Planning ==
* 1.1.4: Not yet scheduled - Planned final patch for 1.1.x stream
** wait for community to request.
* 2.0.2: Proposed date: April 21st
* [ 2.1] [[Helios]]
* Galileo SR2 - February 26th/2010
** RC1+0 Jan 18/10: EclipseLink 1.1.3 (latest Milestone or Release)
*** 1.1.3 has been put into SR2

== QA  ==

Mar 05 - 11, 2010:

* Last week
** Monitor and triaged nightly tests:
*** 1.1.4 - good
*** 2.0.2 - good 
*** 1.2.0 - good
*** trunk - some new failures with Oracle extension tests, investigating by Eric, Edwin and Andrei. Will be fixed soon.
*** Filed 2 bugs from last weeks nightly results - 305040, 30538
** Fixed Bugs - 304862, 301837
** JPA 2.0 TCK enable nightly - in progress
** Reviewed current test bug backlog and targeted bugs to be fixed for 2.1
** EL 2.1 Advanced Query - learning/planning phase - in progress
** Triaged JPA tests failure on JBOSS Enterprise Application Platform 5.0.0 GA 
** JPA/WebLogic with Derby - issues with creating datasources - filed bug 304873
* This week
** EL 2.1 
*** Advanced querying - review current tests
*** JAXB 2.2
** JPA 2.0 TCK - nightly
** Fix Bugs

== Build ==
* Milestone Releases
** M6 EclipseLink
** M6 Helios contribution (nightly build)
*** Due to an uncaught bug found by the Helios build system.
*** We need to modify our milestone strategy. Milestones should be promoted *after* the Helios contribution is made. 
* "target platform" work for Helios (bug 306188)
** RT is requesting we simplify how we are included in RT - siingle SDK
*** the one feature can and should simply include our other already existing features.
* As of M6 EclipseLink is no longer shipped with the Java EE Package
** As a team we need to decide:
*** What we should offer regarding IDE tooling that helps the developer use EclipseLink
*** If we should help another team provide it (Dali ?)
* Helios build integration (293034) (Blocked until Post M6)
** Need to do p2 consolidation work to manage multiple versions in a single update location.
*** investigation composite repositories
**** Have working prototype. 
**** Working on creating a Composite of all our releases - (completed locally).
***** Cannot generate on Download machine due to bug 303802 fix will be available in M6 helios release.
**** Still need to finalize automation.
***** Automation for Composite work still pending. Looks like a separate script will be necessary.
*** Migration from p2.metadata.generator to p2.publisher (Blocked by bug 303802).
**** Prototype complete. 
***** Awaiting confirmation of a bugfix before commit (Blocked by bug 303802).
***** Still need to finalize automation (Blocked by bug 303802).
* Test component build cleanup (Holding)
** Restructure to allow testing to *not* rebuild product jars (293032)
*** Will use "static targets" as discussed in meeting last week (297217).
*** Tests will not compile when run target called. 
**** merged partial work to update standards. 
**** migration work for test projects, currently priority 2 
** Need shippable testing artifacts (R2).
* jpa.test10 Suite (Holding)
** Explore possibility of using eclipselink.jpa.test from 1.1.3 as a way to certify javax.persistence 1.0 backward compatability in EclipseLink 2.0.x
*** All tests now compiling with trunk, 83% success rate on Test run.
*** Awaiting review by Tom or Peter of test results (still).
** Need "project name" assuming this gets running 100% 

Fixed Bugs:

== JPA  ==
Mar 18

* Advanced JPA config
** attributeName - checked in last week
*** Dynamic persistence requirment
** Name Access
*** Dynamic persistence requirment
* Advanced JPA Querying
** prioritized feature list (
** FUNC support checked in.
** Downcast queries investigation underway.
** Fetch Group support investigation started
*** 7 JPA test failures

* OSGi
** investigation on hold.  Gemini.

* Bugs with Votes
** Bug related to FindBugs and primitive literals checked in

== DBWS  ==
[ DBWS Development]

* 303331  Complex PL/SQL record parameter as INOUT argument to Stored Procedure not returning OUT information: Resolved.

* Scoping out potential EclipseLink feature work
** Improved Sparse Merge support (an 'Update' operation currently requires the instance to be fully specified in the SOAP message)

== SDO / MOXy  ==
* 306054 JAXB Externalized Metadata: factory class and method missing from xml-type declaration in XSD

Closed this week:-
* 301062 MOXy - JAXB: Issues with multiple XmlElementDecl with same QName and different scope
* 305572 xsi:type on composite mappings with no ref descriptor not working in default namespace
* 306027 Namespace prefix for xsi:type value may not resolve when namespace declaration on current element using StAX
* 306194 JAXB Extension - Generate appropriate schema types for java.sql.* classes
* 305999 JAXB Externalized Metadata: Schema gen incorrect for non-generic list
* 306008 XmlCustomizer class is loaded using the wrong classloader

* Representation of JAXB Annotations and enhanced MOXy metadata in externalized 'eclipselink-oxm.xml' metadata format [ Design]
* MOXY Dynamic Persistence [ Design]
* JAXB2.2 Compliance
** JAXB2.2 CQs approved (API, RI, XJC).  
** Also need to submit JAXB2.1.12 jars to Orbit (CQs previously approved for Helios)

== Dynamic Persistence ==
[ Dynamic Persistence]

== EclipseLink Incubator  ==

* [[EclipseLink/Development/Incubator/Extensions]]
** FetchPlan incubator active
*** Doug requesting help.

== Documentation ==
*Working on automated doc build process (Rick & Eric)<br />If not possible, Rick is working on an automated  localized doc build process, and would simply post the daily doc builds
*Updated [ Documentation Requirements and Build Proposal]
*Several "chapters" currently stored in XML. More to come once the production/build process is finalized.
*Need discussion about how the strategy we are using for User Documentation compares to the wiki-based strategy we are using for developer documentation and whether there is merit to changing the way we do developer documentation. This discussion should wait until we have used found all the issues with our User Documentation Strategy. 

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