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[eclipselink-dev] javax.persistence in eclipselink.jar

Hi Eric,
I am puzzled by the fact that in trunk eclipselink.jar contains *some selected* classes from javax.persistence. Actually, I don’t see why eclipselink.jar should contain classes from javax.persistence at all. But if it contains these classes, it should contain the entire API, I think. Moreover the selection is not complete as it for example does not contain javax.persistence.Query, which has been changed in 2.0.
In the trunk/build.xml, I find the comment
# 360:            <!-- JPA 1.1/2.0 concurrent dev solution: New classes from javax.persistence 2.0 -->
So, likely, this is just some leftover from 1.2.
(I am currently testing on JBoss where I am seeing a mixed 1.0/2.0 API which causes some confusion) ;-)
Adrian Görler

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