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Re: [eclipselink-dev] About Update site building


I can tell you the content and artifact xml files are central to a p2 repository (which an update site is), but cannot address any of your other questions. You should probably post to PDE or P2 users lists. This really isn't the right forum for these questions.


Tom Ware wrote:
HI Sebastien,

I think you should try a different mailing list. This is the EclipseLink mailing list - EclipseLink is the Eclipse project that provides persistence for things like relational databases and xml files.


Sébastien Laigre wrote:
Hello everybody,

I developped an eclipse plugin and I'm trying to build an update site with ant (to make the update site build automatic). For the plugin and feature folder, I did not met any problem.
My problem is for Update Site. In fact, I saw that eclipse creates
content.jar (containing content.xml) and artifacts.jar (containing artifacts.xml).
I have no idea of the way these XML files are generated, so I do not see how to build them. So my questions are: What role do they have ?
Are these files essential to build a stable update site ?

If yes, how could I build them with ant ?

Thank you in advance for you help.

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