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Re: [eclipselink-dev] Revised process for including user-submitted database platforms - last chance to comment

Hi Rainer,

Interesting comments!

I am new to Eclipse's Discussion feature and not sure of the etiquette, but as it mentions our writing can be 'edited mercilessly', I tried adding my comments between yours. I hope this will be useful for Tom to not only see us raise questions with the current proposal, but also see answers from (at least one) community member.
Please feel free to do the same with the first section.


On 26/01/2010 02:17, Rainer Kwesi Schweigkoffer wrote:
Hi Tom !

Just added a few comments.

Best regards

Tom Ware, am 25 Jan 2010 hast Du um 10:09 zum Thema "[eclipselink-dev] Revised process for including u"  geschrieben :

Hi All,

    Please provide any comments you have related to our process for including
user-submitted DatabasePlatforms in the shipped product by this Thursday -
January 28.

    Comments can be provided on the "Discussion Page" of the wiki that describes
the process.

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