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[eclipselink-dev] recommended ways to exclude tests from LRG/SRG


What's the recommended way to skip tests in the LRG and SRG test sets
that won't run on a platform because of a documented limitation (of
either EclipseLink/platform class or the db/driver itself)?

I have been trying to follow what's being done so far but there seem to
be different ways.

For example, we have simple returns with a log message:

    if (!(dbPlatform.isOracle() || dbPlatform.isMySQL() ||
dbPlatform.isPostgreSQL() || dbPlatform.isSymfoware())) {
        getServerSession().logMessage("Test testLeftTrimWithTrimChar
skipped for this platform");

And we have TestWarningExceptions:

    if (getSession().getPlatform().isTimesTen() ||
getSession().getPlatform().isSymfoware()) {
         throw new TestWarningException("This test is not supported on
this platform.");

And Assert,assertFalse():

    Assert.assertFalse("Warning Sybase Driver does not work with
DriverWrapper, testEMCloseAndOpen can't run on this platform.",

Are there any rules for when to use which?


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