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Re: [eclipselink-dev] what are the JPA LRG tests?

Hi Dies,

  I have made some fixes to the comments in the jpa test build.xml.

AllCMP3TestRunModel is the JPA-LRG. It includes all of our JUnit based tests and a set of tests written on our legacy test framework.

  FullRegressionTestSuite is just the JPA tests.

We recently made a change to have the LRG include all the tests in AllCMP3TestRunModel, and we must have missed some comments. Let me know if you see other related issues.


Dies Koper wrote:

What tests should be run when I want to run the JPA LRG?

The build.xml in the JPA test project has a target 'test-lrg' which runs
the following tests:

    <!-- Runs LRG (FullRegressionTestSuite) with agent. -->

But it actually invokes jpa.AllCMP3TestRunModel,
jpa.xml.EntityMappingsJUnitTestSuite and (if Oracle) OracleJPATestSuite.

According to the comments, the 'test' target also runs the LRG tests:

    <!-- Default test target, run the LRG -->

This one however, invokes jpa.FullRegressionTestSuite.

The total number of tests of each is different when I run it on Symfoware.
Which is the JPA LRG in Tom's proposal for how Community-contributed
DatabasePlatform could be promoted from incubation? And what is the
other one?


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