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RE: [eclipselink-dev] Maven Updates


thank you for your comments, see more below.

>    For the group id issue - due to the way the specification is
> designed, there
> are implementations in the javax.persistence classes (i.e. code that
> will be
> run, rather than just interfaces - e.g. Persistence.class,
> ProviderResolverHolder.class + some Provider resolves)  The
> javax.persistence
> jar we produce is truly an EclipseLink version of javax.persistence.  I
> would
> expect that different implementers of javax.persistence have different
> code in
> several of the classes because of the way the spec classes are defined.
> For
> that reason, it seems as if the eclipselink group is a reasonable place
> for that
> bundle.

But how can get guaranteed then that when I compile my project against
EclipseLink's persistence API it will run also on a different


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