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[eclipselink-dev] Maven Repository is invalid?!

I doubt that it is a good idea to force people to use the load balancer. If the balancer selects a mirror that actually is overloaded or not reachable, you will end up with this (what happened to me serveral times these days):


[INFO] [WARNING] The repository url '' is invalid - Repository 'EclipseLin

k Repo' will be blacklisted.


This is annoying, since it my project uses several repos, but it is always the eclipselink repo that will get blacklistet…


I want to propose that you are using as a mirror, i. e. copying all artifacts there. In that case, Maven would pull it from there if it cannot be found using the eclipse load balancer. Most java programmers will have a dependency on anyways, since many common projects and APIs are found there, so it would be a save way without additional burden to the users.




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