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[eclipselink-dev] Maven Updates

Hi Markus,

Thanks for the feedback. I am adding the dev mailing list to this email since they may be interested.

  I have made some updates to the page.

At the moment javax.persistence is found in the org.eclipse.persistence group. We should probably consider either removing the javax.persistence group or moving all the javax.persistence bundles to that group. I'll have to give some thought to which. The issue is that there is actually some implementation in that jar - dictated by the spec. (e.g. Persistence.class, some ProviderResolver implementations etc.) Community feedback welcome about this.

  I'll see if there is anything I can do about the JSR page.


Markus Karg wrote:

found this information on the web:

But actually that information is wrong. The problem is that it includes
SNAPSHOTs, while I want to do mvn release:prepare -- which forbids using
SNAPSHOTs buts instead wants to know a release number to use. Unfortunately
that web site does not say what release number to use to get the latest
*released* version (and the Maven guys say that one shall not use
<version>RELEASE</version> but instead always use the version *number*. So
can you please either change that web site or directly provide the correct

The second question is: Until recently, the JPA RI (I mean: The JAR
containing solely the interface, not the implementation, as common in the
JSR world) is also in <groupdId>org.eclipselink.*</groupdId>. Looks like a
bug. Is that really wanted? I mean, all the other JSRs publishing their
stuff in <groudId>javax.*</groupId>, so what not EclipseLink, too? It drives
one crazy to search for all that information, since all the other JSRs are
found on's Maven2 Repo. Maybe it would be good to contain a hint on
the JSR site where the RI is to be found actually... ;-)

Thanks for your kind help!


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