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[eclipselink-dev] rewriting updateall queries clean-up code in tests

Hi Tom,

I've rewritten the queries in clean-up code in UpdateAll and DeleteAll
according to your suggestion. I've attached a patch to the bug:

(I was planning to split the patch up in separate patches for each issue
but there are too many, just separating these from the ones I have that
I can't include until Symfoware is part of EclipseLink took over an hour).

I also noticed such queries in some other tests and wasn't sure
whether/how to fix them. What do you think?


The tests here don't seem to use UpdateAll/DeleteAll queries but the
clear method does. It uses UnitOfWork instead of EntityManager. Where
can I find the UnitOfWork API equivalent to doing a find and removing
each object in the resultset?


Same as above, UpdateAll/DeleteAll with UOW in clear method. Here I
think the following tests rely on UpdateAll/Delete queries so need to be
excluded for Symfoware, would you agree?

- testTwoUnrelatedResultWithOneToManyJoins
- testMultipleUnrelatedResultWithOneToManyJoins
- testTwoUnrelatedResultWithOneToOneJoins
- testTwoUnrelatedResultWithOneToOneJoinsWithExtraItem


Same as above.



This test fails because it uses a multi-table entity. If I would rewrite
it to use an entity that is mapped to a simple table, it might pass.
Should I try, or should I just skip these type of tests on Symfoware?

The patch also includes a number of other issues I addressed. Could you
review them?


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