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RE: [eclipselink-dev] 2.1 design doc added for performance andconcurrency

I agree with the following quote, I think that was not followed in the past: Optimizations that may have a large negative impact to usability may ->need to be only enabled through specific configuration<-.


It's not clear that the optimizations listed are driven by profiling real application. EclipseLink still generate duplicate select, extra flushes, and other unwanted trip to DB. Also support for query in memory is minimal so we have to call DB more often than needed. So by comparison, micro optimization may easily be orders of magnitude less important on the response time.


From CPU point of view, it is clear for us, under consistent, documented load testing, that the bottleneck is a Sun JVM API, which could and should be avoided -> java.lang.Class.isArray(Native Method); see



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2.1 design doc added for performance and concurrency



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