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[eclipselink-dev] netweaver sever platform incubator

Hi Tom,
I am having trouble with the “NetWeaver sever platform” incubator.
I understand that we should keep the NetWeaver server platform specific files in the incubator until the server platform is mature.
Currently, we’ve got two classes in the incubator: SAPNetWeaver_7_1_Platform and SAPNetWeaverTransactionController. I can compile the classes in the incubator against eclipselink.jar. But in order to use them, I have to patch EclipseLink to glue to the NetWeaver server platform to EclipseLink.
But with the native API support, this becomes a hard circular dependency as I have to introduce NetWeaver-support in the eclipselink-session_2_0.xsd. Also, I have to introduce a NetWeaver_7_1_PlatformConfig class, which I have to bind in the XMLSessionConfigProject class. This has the consequence that once I have patched EclipseLink, I need the incubator in the class path in order build EclipseLink.
I am seeing two options to deal with this inter-dependency:
  1. Build unpatched EclipseLink.
  2. Compile the NetWeaver server platform incubator against the unpatched EclipseLink.
  3. Patch EclipseLink
  4. Build the patched EclipseLink against the result from 2)
This is ugly because I can’t do a clean build unless I un-patch EclipseLink again.
      1) Add the incubator to the source path of EclipseLink
     2) Patch EclipseLink
     3) Build EclipseLink and incubator in one step.
(Alternatively, I could just sync the incubator into the EclipseLink folder structure).
I’ve got the impression that it’s a bit hard to cleanly develop a server-platform as an add-on in an incubator.
Basically, I am a bit stuck now and don’t really know how to proceed …
Adrian Görler

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