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Re: [eclipselink-dev] running [criteria] server tests on server with JPA 1.0 container

Hi Adrian,

This is an issue that we need to address. I believe there are two things we need to do to address this.

1. For each supported application server, we need to figure out what configuration options we can use to deploy a JPA 2.0 application, likely an application-managed one. (i.e. Is there a way the application and the server can be configured to avoid things like JPA 1.0 injection so that the JPA annotations and API can be used by users) We then need to make the necessary changes to our test framework to allow those configurations to work. We have already started working looking for configuration options on WebLogic and have had some success. We should start that work for other servers as well.

2. We need a JPA 1.0 regression test framework. Candidates for that test framework are the EclipseLink 1.1.x test framework and possibly the new eclipselink.jpa.wdf.test classes. I am not particularly familiar with the eclipselink.jpa.wdf.test classes. Do you know if they can be configured to do JPA 1.0 testing on the server?


Goerler, Adrian wrote:
we are attempting to run the JPA server tests on NetWeaver 7.1, which has a JPA 1.0 container. The container sees JPA 1.0 jars and wraps entity managers with a JPA 1.0 interface. Now, the criteria tests are failing as they attempt to invoke the getCriteriaBuilder method, which does not exist in JPA 1.0. There is a check in the CriteriaServerTestSuite.suite method, which should prevent the tests from being executed: *public* *static* Test suite() {
        TestSuite suite = *new* TestSuite();
        suite.setName("Criteria ServerTestSuite");
 >>>>    *if* (! JUnitTestCase./isJPA10/()) {
suite.addTest(org.eclipse.persistence.testing.tests.jpa.criteria.metamodel.JUnitCriteriaSimpleTestSuite./suite/()); } *return* suite;
However, the check is executed on the client side, which sees JPA 2 and hence JUnitTestCase./isJPA10/() returns false on the client. Consequently, the criteria tests are executed and fail on NetWeaver. The situation raises some questions:
    * How should we deal with the particular case of the criteria queries?

    * Should we alter the JUnitTestCase./isJPA10/()method so that it
      checks on the server side?
    * Should we shift the JUnitTestCase./isJPA10/() method to the 200
      individual tests?

    * How should we deal with 1.0 containers in general?

    * Should we indicate the JPA container version in the
      <server>.properties files and check for it (e.g. in build.xml or
      at runtime)?

    * How can we make visible that tests are not skipped on a server
      with JPA 1.0 container?

-Adrian --- *Adrian Görler

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