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Re: [eclipselink-dev] bug 294044

    The update to the EAR deployment descriptor application.xml to move from DTD to XSD looks good.
    I verified our server tests on WebLogic with your patch.

>full ant build
>push eclipselink.jar to WebLogic modules directory
>build,deploy and run partial eclipselink.jpa.test suite on WebLogic
F:\view_w35d\jpa\eclipselink.jpa.test>ant server-test-criteria
    [junit] Tests run: 201, Failures: 0, Errors: 0, Time elapsed: 55.853 sec
>results OK

    As a second verification, I compared against the EAR descriptor in the WebLogic Tutorial
    The only difference is the fact that the descriptor generated by Eclipse 3.5 EE edition adds an extra namespace definition for the root element - but It looks to be redundant in that case I think as it is part of the schemaLocation attribute.

    I would check it in.

    thank you

Goerler, Adrian wrote:
I have tested this patch
on SAP NetWeaver, where it is fine (and required). Could anyone please review it and test it on some different Server?
Thanks and best regards,
Adrian Görler

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