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[eclipselink-dev] Request to move EclipseLink2.0.0 initial RC date

Hi Peter, Doug,
I'd like to request that we push back the EclipseLink2.0.0 RC date from Mon Nov 23rd to Friday Nov 27th if possible (which would correspondingly move the branch date to the 27th as well).
For the MOXy component, we are currently working on a new JavaTypeMappingInfo class, which has a public facing API that we would like to finalize before the 2.0.0 RC.  We are finalizing the API this week but need a few more days to complete this work and get it into 2.0.0.
This would not affect the 2.0.0 GA date on Thursday Dec 10th.
Please let me know if that is OK with you.  This work is low risk and would not be destabilizing this release in any way.

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