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Re: [eclipselink-dev] I'd like to move the test framework code.

Can we make sure to capture this discussion in the bug?

Blaise: If you mean that OXM, JAXB, and SDO only need the junit.jar to run, then yes, they'd be unaffected. I qualify this because jpa.test includes a framework class called JUnitTestCase.


Blaise Doughan wrote:
Hi Eric,

The OXM, JAXB, and SDO tests are dependent on the JUnit test framework and not the Core (ORM) test framework. Does this mean that this work you are proposing will not affect the OXM, JAXB, and SDO tests?


Eric Gwin wrote:

I am currently working on the testing builds, with two goals:
- bring them up to the agreed standards of the product builds, and
- allow them to run without recompiling the EclipseLink product jar(s).

During this effort, it has become apparent, that with a little more work things could be made much easier for testing - both for our team, and for users of EclipseLink. One of the things that would make testing easier is to separate tests from the testing infrastructure. This would allow the infrastructure to be built once and depended upon by the tests, rather than having the test projects rely on a spaghetti plate of inter-dependencies.

The change for development should simply mean another project in eclipse that needs to be added once before tests will compile.

I've opened to track discussion about this issue. Please comment. I want to find out if there is any pressing reason or strong opinions not to do this.


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